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    Garage Gym Prinsengracht
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    Garage Gym Prinsengracht
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    Garage Gym Prinsengracht

The Garage Gym
Come train with us at our Prinsengracht location, right in the heart of Amsterdam. Here we provide personal training sessions only.

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Small, private and personal

Prinsengracht's Garage Gym has an intimate setup, highly private, ideal for exclusive training sessions. Our undivided attention will be solely on you, your goals & your progress - ensuring zero interruptions from other gym-goers.

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Take a look at the Garage Gym Prinsengracht

Visit us at the Prinsengracht

Prinsengracht 673 AH,
1017JT, Amsterdam

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Trainers Prinsengracht

The following highly specialized / certified trainers are available for you at plantage



Former professional dancer, now a kickboxing competitor, ready to share my passion and expertise in movement and weight training. Let's turn workouts into fun adventures and cultivate a love for fitness and self-improvement together!



This fit dad is our most experienced team member, with lots of years of working as a personal trainer on his CV. He's patient and careful, but will go out of his way to help you get the best out of your workout session.



Our bubbly French team member. Clarisse loves to sneak in some deep core pilates exercices into clients program. She also teach HIIT group classes every weeks so be sure she’ll upgrade your hunger for challenge!



Samuel has years of experience as a volleyball player, but has left his career to focus more on CrossFit and Powerlifting. He's French, but does speak and understand Dutch. As a physiotherapist he can help with all sorts of aspects of moving and working out.



Owner and Personal Trainer of the Garage Gym - Thijmen is specialized in strength- and progressive training. He has over 10 years of experience and is very thorough in his sessions, but he is always up for a laugh, which is why his clients love working with him.

The Garage Gym Prinsengracht

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Prinsengracht the garage gym amsterdam fridge
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What we at the Garage Gym can do for you:

Get fit, recover faster

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Thijmen Visee the garage gym Amsterdam Trainer

Thijmen Visee, Trainer & Owner

+316 195 543 49


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